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Plant a Tree. Feed a Child.

As part of our Open Earth Commitment, OpenBrook believes in charitable giving. We want to do everything that we can to make the Earth a better, brighter, happier place. And that includes helping to preserve the planet for future generations, and helping out our neighbors, even if they’re on the other side of the globe. That’s why we make a donation every time you make a purchase. Every time, no exception. With each purchase to OpenBrook, we will sponsor planting a tree, and help to feed a hungry child. We believe that every small thing we do can make a difference, and as part of our way of saying “thank you” to our customers, we want to make your purchase go farther. So come back, send your friends and neighbors, and watch the good you do expand.

It’s Simple: With each purchase you make, we contribute to plant a tree, and to help feed a hungry kid.

Plant a Tree
Plant-It 2020 is a non-profit organization that properly plants an indigenous tree, which they then maintain and nurture. They plant the tree where you prefer, in the US and abroad, and plant it in a location where it won’t be logged in the future. They choose trees with the best survival rates for the area. Plant-It 2020 also coordinates city tree-planting events throughout the US to encourage activity and awareness. Trees are planted on public land and protected by contract from harvesting, so your trees will not be cut down. 85% of each donation goes towards planting and caring for the trees themselves, and they only plant two-to-four year old baby trees, that have the best chance for survival. Did you know that you could plant one tree for just one dollar? They also provide environmentally safe cooking stoves to needy families, as well as providing forestry, soil and biochar education to people around the world. To give to Plant-It 2020 directly, visit their Contribute Page here.

Feed a Child
OpenBrook is deeply honored to have the opportunity to feed a child through our partnership Love Without Boundaries. Love Without Boundaries is a charitable foundation that assists thousands of children in China through education, foster care, medical, nutrition and orphanage assistance programs. Their mission is to improve the lives of orphaned and impoverished children by providing hope and healing.

In China many children with special needs are abandoned to orphanages, and these children are not allowed to attend public schools. Instead they are educated through the orphanages, and through LWB’s “Believe in Me” School programs. Often these children have trouble concentrating and learning because they are so hungry. The School Nutrition Project provides much needed supplemental nutrition to these students, and is sometimes the only daytime nutrition they receive. With every purchase you make, OpenBrook will donate $25 to Love Without Boundaries, enough to feed a child a nutritionally-balanced school meal, full of good calories and protein, for two weeks. To make your own contribution visit Love without Boundaries here.