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ashleigh lynn

Ashleigh Lynn is our lifestyle and entertaining expert.

  • Born: 02/02/1988 in Wichita, KS
  • Hometown: Wichita, KS
  • Education: Wichita State University, Degree in Physical Education (Began College at Kansas State University studying Architecture Design)
  • Interests: Traveling, Design & Architecture, Fitness, Nutrition, Music, Food, Coffee, White Wine, Buying Shoes, Entertaining/Being Entertained, Self-Improvement, My Kids (German Sheppard –Axis, Pomeranian –Maya)
  • Involvements: Wichita Art Museum Cotemporaries Committee Member (Volunteer). The Contemporaries’ latest project, Destination WAM, sponsors field trips to the Wichita Art Museum for the next generation of museum-goers: the children of the Wichita Public School District (the largest school district in KS)

She is the official spokesperson for Outdoor Furniture.

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Ashleigh Lynn

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Ashleigh is a lifestyle and entertaining expert. She is the official spokesperson for Outdoor Furniture

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